Snow Day!

We got snow on Tuesday! This is a pretty big deal because we haven't had a big snow in 5 years! Monday night through Tuesday at noon it snowed almost a total of 6 inches and it was oh so pretty! School was cancelled Tuesday and I didn't want to attempt to make it into work, so my roommate and I played in the snow, had a few beers and went sledding. It was a blast. We made snowladies and dressed them up like us. Mine wore an apron and had spatulas for arms and roommie's was a fashionista...

Aren't they adorable!? Her snowlady had shoes too, but they got cut out of this picture.

Our friends had some sleds so we went sledding that night on a huge hill nearby. It had been overrun during the day so there weren't that many good patches left, but we made it work. I ate it hard a couple of times and was sore all day yesterday. It is always sad when the snow starts to melt the next few days...I guess I'll just have to hope for more!

But it is back to work and school as of now...and it sucks. Having so much time off over the past few months really spoiled me. I have no motivation to work out or want to go to school. Boo.

Anyways, I have some Google Reader to catch-up on, but look for a super yummy recipe tomorrow!


angelsroy33 said...

I've always wondered what snow-days were like. Sounds like so much fun. Love the snow'ladies'! I will eventually be moving to Canada from South Florida,(been here my whole life,) and I'm a little scared of the winters. I've seen snow a couple of times, but never had to live thru a winter.Soooo,...that said, I always like to read about how people react to snowstorms,blizzards, etc. Sounds stupid, I know, but I gotta prepare myself somehow,...and you made me feel better about it!

Tasha said...
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Tasha said...

Your snow ladies are adorable! Glad you had a fun day! :-)