The Bad Economy Affects Sarah Elizabeth...

I'll be graduating in May.

That's pretty much all that needs to be said. Ok, fine...I'll elaborate. There are no loans to be had to continue school and pretty much no one is hiring. These are the only two paths I see for myself come May. That or moving back in with my parents.


I have been lucky enough to be on my own with a LOT of help from my parents since I became a college student. But May is the cut-off. We haven't discussed specifics yet, but my parents have notified me that they will no longer pay my rent and utilities among other things once I graduate. The shitty economy couldn't have come at a worse time.

I was very fortunate as a child (well I still am) and always assumed when I graduated I would be able to live the same way. WRONG. I have credit card debt that I can't get my dad to help me with and an impending date by which I have to make a life decision. Ok, I realize I am being dramatic there, but I just can't fathom living with my parents again. I'm a total daddy's girl and love spending time with him. But my mom on the other hand is pretty much intolerable. She is a wonderful woman and has taught me so many things, but our personalities tend to clash and the more time we spend together the more she gets on my nerves. I honestly do love and appreciate her for everything she has done for me, but it just isn't as easy as it is with my dad. I envy girls who are best friends with their mom, but oh well.

The economy also sucks for me right now because of said credit card debt. I have a job, but it pays a measly $10/hour and I'm only working 12 hours/week due to school. How am I supposed to pay off the credit card debt I have dug myself into with this tiny pay check? Well I get it. Everyone is screaming....JUST STOP SPENDING. I guess that is where I run into a problem. I love to look good...this means taking care of my skin, body and fashion. How am I supposed to do that on a budget!? Ugh. Blah. Boo. Frick.

Will someone please tell the economy to check itself? Because it isn't listening to me.


angelsroy33 said...

You are too funny. I mean I know this economy is no laughing matter by any means,....but the way you put things definitely puts a smile on my face,(when things in my life aren't so great, but financially good at least.) I wish I had the magic answer, but I don't, (and I really do know how it is,...)but you will have to do without something,-YOU just have to figure out what that something is going to be,....rent or the new LV purse, food for a week, or to put the new Chanel shoes on hold,...you get to decide! Yipee,...yeah, I know.

Tasha said...

I hear you girl! It was so hard for me when I left home... it sucked having to survive on my own. I did not have cable for 8 years. I ate ramen noodles or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for nearly every meal. The choices will be hard but I bet you will have some great ideas for style on a budget. I'm sure you can find super cute looks at Target instead of Neiman's. Go to some job fairs and check to see if there is a job placement office at your college. Or just pick the place you want to work, go talk to the human resources dept, and see if they can hire you! Good luck!!