I have a spending problem.

It is getting serious. Up until last month all of the credit cards I have for shopping have been sent to my parents' house. My dad would generously pay them off as they came in. Until now. For some odd reason I finally put my foot down and had the address for all of my cards changed to my address (I must have been drunk).

Crazy right?

Although I feel better about not being such a burden on my parents (still), I totally regret the decision. See, with my dad paying them off I had no idea how much I was spending. And since he didn't say anything I figured it was a reasonable amount.


So I am reading Confessions of A Shopaholic and totally relate to the main character. She writes about becoming nervous before opening a VISA bill. And of how she justifies everything she buys. I, like the character, have a problem with "Buy One Get One Free" or "Triple Bonus Points Day" or "Spend $150 get 15% Off". Each time I see a promotion similar to the aforementioned, I automatically justify it by saying to myself, "Well the reward will be worth the price."

This habit must stop for the next couple of weeks. I am going to LA to visit some friends in the beginning of July and must have money for going out/shopping/eating at great restaurants. Here and now I am vowing to stop purchasing "wants" and only "needs" until my LA trip. (After I get the Betsy Johnson yellow polka dot heels that are 50% off at Belk's...where I happen to have $60 in gift certificates. That's OK - right?)


Bryce W Maddock said...

Great blog. I write about the perils and adventures of post-college life, and it's nice to see a female perspective on a similar time.


nat said...

I am there with you mate. I am in so much debt right now it is crazy. I just wish I had my folks paying it off me wow. You must of been drunk to stop that ha ha .

Beth said...

Oh my. Sounds like my credit card bills.