Title Explaination

To further explain myself, I would like to reveal the meaning of my shallow blog title. "Jacks, Yurman and Bobbi Brown" actually refers to three things I have on at (almost) all times. "Jacks" alludes to my all-time-favorite flip-flops. Jack Rogers. These shoes are perfect for almost all occasions. I wear them with jeans and a t-shirt to go get lunch. I wear them with my bathing suit to the beach. I wear them to engagement parties with dresses. I wear them out on the town with my girlfriends. They come in all colors and you can even have them MONOGRAMMED. Brilliant. (Whoever invented monogramming rocks, because I put my sacred three initials on anything and everything)

"Yurman" undoubtedly refers to David Yurman. My single favorite jewelery designer. And also items you most always will find adorning my body. Sorry Tiffany's - you come in second. Although Tiffany blue is probably my favorite color.

Finally, "Bobbi Brown" - a genius. Previously a Chanel make-up fan, I recently made the switch. All of my years growing up in high school Bobbi Brown was all the rave among the other girls. I stayed true to Chanel, however, because I have always idolized my grandmother and Chanel is her make-up of choice. Now I will document my life-changing (or maybe just appearance-changing) experience at the Bobbi Brown counter:

Me: Idly browsing the BB counter noncommittally.

BB rep: May I help you find anything?

Me: Yes, actually I have a hard time finding a foundation that is light enough for the summer, won't dry me out but at the same time won't make me oily. (Ha! Impossible! No fear Chanel counter - I will be there in a minute!)

BB rep: Well, we have these options to choose from -blah, blah and blah. What are you currently using?

Me: I have a great foundation/power combination from Chanel but during the summer it wears off easily and I wanted to try a few other options. (The betrayal begins - don't hurt me CoCo)

The BB rep then explains the benefits of all of the different products and coerces me into a example. After hesitantly accepting this "test run" on my face, I realize it really does look good...healthy. And then comes the clincher -

BB rep: Bobbi really focuses on making your skin look "doughy."

I was sold. Doughy!?!...doughy?...an interesting adjective for skin, right? At first mention I was turned-off by the word in reference to my face, but as I continued to look at her magnificent work I realized that this was the healthiest my face has ever looked.

So, after about $250 of Bobbi Brown merchandise, a new look and many compliments later, I decided this genius make-up designer/artist (whatever you want to call her) deserved the only two-name reference in my title. And a prime location all over my face. Everyday.

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