Drunk Dial...Whaaaa?

Drunk dialing is so out. Drunk texting however seems to be the new rave. A friend of mine, lets call her Becky, got herself into trouble this past weekend. To an ex-boyfriend Becky sent: "I love you (let's call him Bob)", "I have always loved you Bob" and last but not least, and this one is the clincher, "I think we are meant to spend our lives together."

Let me give you a little background here. Becky and Bob grew up together...he has always been in love with Becky. But Becky always had a boyfriend - the same one for a long time. Becky cheats on said boyfriend with Bob. Then breaks Bob's heart a few months later. Bob now has a serious girlfriend. Becky just rocked Bob's world. Becky, Bob, Bob's girl and Becky's ex will all be at the same place this weekend. Watch for updates. I can't wait to see what happens.

Oh, and after Becky sent those incriminating text messages she CALLED Bob and left a voicemail saying "Someone got a hold of my phone and sent random text messages, disregard any you got from me."

HAHA I'm sure Bob fell for that. Psych.


thegoodnamesaretaken said...

I have a friend who does the drunk text thing as well. Bad news bears! (I apologize for using such an expression but I couldn't think of a better one...)

Beth said...

I have a drunk texting problem that sometimes gets a little out of control.

Last summer I heard they made a "drunk proof" phone where you made a preset list of numbers you absolutely dont want to call when your drunk. And then you can lock the phone into drunk mode. Apparently the way it was supposed to work is if you tried to call or text a number on that list while it was locked in mode, you'd have to blow into the mouth piece and if the phone read over .08 it wouldn't let you call or text any of those numbers until you weren't drunk anymore and your BAC lowered.

I think its ingenious.

But since I have never met anyone with this phone, I think the idea flopped.


Pink ditz said...

Hahaha, oooh drunk texting it's so dangerous, I've done it a few times myself, I've hard of those phones too, but have yet to see one.

This is all very intriguing , definitely keep us updated on what happens!!! I'm gonna stay tuned haha.

Alya said...

oh God, what a mess! Can't wait for updates :)

Bryce W Maddock said...

What a common experience! I continue to love the blog Sarah. I've got plenty of Los Angeles advice to give you, so look me up on Facebook or give me your email.