Tips for Shoe Shopping

One of my best guy-friends from high school is getting married a week from Saturday. To my ex-boyfriend's sister...oh the web we weave. I digress. So, this event is important to me - all of the family and friends from my home town will be there and I intend to look my best. About two months ago I bought a beautiful yellow silk Maggie London dress. Long story short, I didn't get to wear it as planned and was never photographed in it, so I figure the wedding is the perfect place to debut my first Maggie London.

I have never been a huge shoe fiend, but I want the perfect shoe to go with this dress on this very special occasion. My dad works for a particular department store that carries a great selection of shoes and including many designer labels. Natch I go to this store for most of my shopping needs (because I get an exceptional employee discount). As I scour the shoe department I'm stressed because I don't know exactly what type of shoe would look good with this dress. Straight black would be too harsh...I hate white shoes...it would be impossible to find a yellow to match exactly (and I don't like being too matchy-match really)...and to top it all off this is a formal wedding so I can't just wear my Jacks!

SO here is what I have learned over the years (and during this particular trip):

1. Always carry a photo/cell phone pic/magazine cut-out of the piece you need to accessorize

2. NEVER settle - if you don't find exactly what you are looking for wait another day (if possible) or visit another store.

3. No matter how much they are on sale and how much you LOVE them, don't buy shoes that aren't the right size. The "No pain-no gain" rule does not apply here ladies.
4. Impulse buys are never good for the wallet. Just because there is a pair of Marc Jacobs heeled rain boots for 60% off doesn't mean you need them.

Anddd I'm sure there are a ton of other tips, but I just can't think of them at the moment; and I probably just need more shoe shopping experience!

Here are the shoes I bought:

To go with this dress:

Comments/other shoe tips welcome!!!!!!


Vanessa said...

To those shoes I have just two words...Hello Lover!

Beyonce said...

It's a lovely dress, you will look pretty in it.