Blog Virgin

Hi. This is my first blog post...ever. I am so new to this I'm embarrassed. First off let me say this is not how I want my page to look...format, colors, etc. I love pink, green, yellow, turquoise and pastel colors but this isn't exactly how I pictured it. So if anyone happens to stumble upon this site and can give me advice/be willing to show a newbie around, that would be great.

I considered myself computer-savvy. Until today. There is so much I don't know. For example, how to make this freaking page look cute like I want it. What is this HTML garbage? Isn't there a paint-by-numbers type of program I can use? Call me stupid, but I can't for the life of me figure this mess out. So until I do, don't expect anything too fancy out of this page.

I guess I should say a little something about myself considering I am a blog virgin. I don't know what to tell you - the trivial stuff seems necessary but boring so I will start there...I moved around most of my life until middle school where my family finally settled down and decided to send me to private school (best decision EVER made by my parents). I am now in my final year of college and could not possibly be more subtly scared of graduating. I have a sister, both of my parents (thankfully), and two dogs. I do not live at home anymore (again, thankfully) but love my family none the less. Well that is the basic information to which you may all now use to put me in a certain stereotypical category of your choosing.

Here is some more information that may help place me:

  • Designer ANYTHING (I have a Kate Spade pencil case for crying out loud)
  • The South. Not the redneck/NASCAR type, but the southern-belle, Lilly Pulitzer-wearing families.
  • The beach. Again, not the bring-you-plastic-chair-get-burned-to-the-point-of-no-return type of beach experience, but the simplicity of taking your boat out to an island for a day of bocce-ball and cocktails.
  • Cooking. There is something relaxing and equally as pleasing about preparing a meal for someone and having them truly enjoy it.
  • Organization. I find with more organization comes less stress.

Well...I hope that helps. There is much more to me than I lead you to believe here, but I supposed this gives you reason to check back. I hope to use this blog not only to document my life, opinions, etc. but also to provide entertainment and escape. We'll see what happens.

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