Pop Off!

I love the beach. Everything about it. I love beach houses, the smell of the ocean, seafood, the hot sun, a tan you can't spray on, boating, fishing and so much more. Because of personal...pitfalls?...during the past year I do not get to the beach as much as I used to. My family, unlike most of our friends, does not own a beach house - and as I mentioned, invitations are rare these days. So when my mom had a work function at the Isle of Palms, we jumped on the chance.

The 5 days we spent at the resort were relaxing. This particular resort is brand-new (I mean literally just opened in 2008) and although could use a little more development, in the shopping/eating/entertainment aspects, it was perfect for the occasion. A great get-away from work, which has become increasingly stressful, and those woeful...pitfalls. Check out the pretty-ness.

Not only was this trip a great form of escape, our family also got a chance to bond. My sister is currently working on her PhD for Physical Therapy, I work and go to school (during the year), and both of my parents have jobs that require a lot of traveling. Needless to say, we don't get together a lot.

One particular story my sister and I enjoyed hearing my dad tell was one of his college days.* He lived in a house with two friends next door to a much older man who always complained about the noise they would make. One particular afternoon a roommate was shaking the fence between the houses and yelling when the old neighbor came out and starting yelling/cursing at the kid. At the end of his tirade he says, "All you kids do is come out here and POP OFF!" (My dad does the imitation with a deep southern accent and a high-pitched emphasis on the last two words)

Why is this story so incredibly funny? Enjoy. (There may be some offensive language so if you don't like it - don't watch it).

So, my sister and I have built this extravagant expression into our daily lives and the lives of our friends (which always evokes a barrage of laughter).

COMMENTS - What odd sayings/words have your adopted?

*College days being my favorite because my dad (who is almost bald now) had long hair and loved to party.


kk said...

so glad you visited 'will work for shoes'! keep up the blogging – you have a great sense of humor and view on life.

wasn't the hardest thing coming up with a title???

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thanks KK! I love your site! Yes, coming up with the title is tough. I was so excited to start blogging though, I created it in quite a hurry.