Weekend Recap

Navy Boy and I went down to the beach this past weekend! It was really really bitter-sweet. I really like him! But I wasn't sure how to act all weekend because he is leaving tomorrow to go to FL and probably won't be living back in NC anytime soon. We rode down to the beach together and had a great time. Then once we got there it was so childish. Neither one of us knew that the other liked them, so we kind of just acted all weird around each other. We did kiss though! Which makes me smile just thinking about it! HA! I feel like a little kid right now.

Here is the deal: The Dentist tells me that Navy Boy has 'no game'. Which he is definitely right about. Well, I'm one of those old fashioned southern girls that believes that the guy should make the first move and all of that good stuff. So I just kept waiting and playing off of how he was acting - which was shy. Ahh! I wish I just would have taken the plunge and flirted a little more to show him I was interested. Then maybe he would have felt more comfortable.

Whatever. I still believe that everything happens for a reason, and if we are meant to be together we will. Navy Boy mentioned several times that he would like for me to come visit, so I want to plan a trip ASAP. He told me the drive from NC to Pensacola was only 8 hours. Google Maps says it is almost 12 hours. I'm definitely leaning towards flying there. There is no way I could spend 12 hours in a car! The catch is, I may or may not feel weird going by myself...so I would need to talk The Dentist into coming as well, and maybe even my sister because she may feel weird if I'm taking a trip with her boyfriend without her. I should just get over feeling weird about going by myself and just do it. We'll have to see how things play out once Navy Boy gets down there and settled.

Any suggestions/comments!?


Nora said...

Hey there! I think he likes you a lot or he wouldn't have suggested a visit :) I would wait if i were you, not everything has to be clear at the moment.. he obviously seems to like you and you like him as well... just give it time.. see if YOU are willing to let this work out since he is far away and all...
Enjoy your feelings towards him.. don't stress or think about "what ifs" :)

Tasha said...

I agree with Nora- he definitely likes you if he's already trying to talk you into going to see him! Sounds like you had a really nice weekend at the beach!