MY Idea.

Yesterday's post was about sale websites...so it got me thinking. There are tons of great sale websites that send you emails notifying you of the latest greatest sales. Some of the ones I am a member of are Gilt Groupe, Sale Mail Shop it to Me, and Rue La La. Sale Mail is the only one that allows you to tailor the notifications to your liking (shout out to Diana!). And they definitely let you tailor it. You can specify certain brands, sizes, types of clothing, etc. It really is great. But there are still TONS of results to search through each time an email comes in.

Here is my idea: have a website like Sale Mail, but allow it to be even more customizable. For instance, the first email they send you can contain exactly what I would normally get from Sale Mail - thousands of items. Next, you would go through these items and mark which ones you love, like, and dislike. You wouldn't have to put a preference for all of them, but just the ones you have a feeling towards. I mean, we all do it, right? You are scrolling down the page and you see a hideous dress and think, "Oh, ew. Who would wear that!?" or "Dangggg I would look goooood in that!"

So after a few emails, the database can get a feel for what you think is attractive and what you think is f-u-g-l-y. Then from there on out, you can still give preferences, but the emails don't come with thousands of items. And the things they send you are items you would generally favor.

GENIUS! If anyone out there knows some techies that are looking for a new adventure, direct them towards this post. I could definitely get behind this.

PS Let me know if you want to be invited to any of these sites. I think a couple are invite only.


Mich said...

it would be like customized online shopping!! brilliant yet oh so dangerous... (for my credit card)

Tasha said...

Brilliant idea! You should do it! Find a techie friend to help you get the site launched and then SIGN ME UP! lol!

Diana said...

oh yes, i keep forgetting the full title of it but so glad you found it!
and isn't it a m a z i n g?!