Back on the 'Book

Back in October/November of '08 (why does that sound like so long ago?) I deactivated my Facebook account. I was definitely overusing the addictive social network and all it was causing was emotional distress. Sounds serious, right? Ha. I hate to admit it, but I mainly used it to keep tabs on people I don't even really like and people who aren't a part of my life anymore (i.e. ex-boyfriends). I put up tons of pictures because, in my mind, if I was looking at their pages so much, then they were looking at mine just as much. (What a stupid way of thinking).

It makes me cringe how much I relied on the stupid website to keep me updated on gossip and irrelevant information. And I must say, deactivating the account was the best thing that ever did happen to me (as far as internet dependency goes). Without an account, I realized I could live, much happier I might add, without knowing what and who everyone was doing.

Why did I reactivate it if I was so happy without Facebook? As it turns out, I am in the marketing field and you are expected to be on most if not all social networks to prove that you can use new media effectively in order to get a job. Joining Facebook again hasn't gotten me a job yet, but I'm hoping it will help in the long-run. I have set some ground rules for myself though, so I don't fall back into old habits:
  1. No logging onto FB unless I get an email notification or need to research a potential employer
  2. No adding photos (I took down all previous photos)
  3. No browsing friends, updated sections, etc.
  4. Took down 'Wall' and the ability for friends to write on it

I realize this makes my FB page super boring, but all I really want FB for is the ability to network (if I ever get around to doing so) and keeping in touch with friends since we are all splitting up. Oh, and of course, so I can tell potential employers that I am an internet-savvy, perfect candidate.

So if you are a reader of my blog, and want to see what I actually look like (since I keep my face hidden on this blog) send me an email (jyandbbatgmail.com) and I'll let you know how to find me on Facebook. I do want to be friends with the ones I trust!


Diana said...

i applaud you for closing your account and being so honest. sometimes i get a weird anxiety feeling in my chest when i go on FB, and i'm glad i'm not the only one!

Ashley said...

I like your approach to Facebook. It's very useful to keep in touch with friends who are moving out of state, b/c sometimes it's a hassle to collect email addresses. I try my best to keep my FB "clean": no pictures of me at bars or drinking. I've heard from too many attorneys who have said they didn't hire interns or associates because of what was found on their Facebooks.

Oh, and I have made the artichoke dip, but not yet the pasta!

Nora said...

GREAT JOB on the whole deactivation thing! I only wish that I could do that as well... I am having a hard-time deactivating my FB account because I rely on it with EVERYTHING (school work, interviews for our newspaper, party planning and invitations, etc.) It's like my own little agenda, but too much of a good thing is bad....

I hope that you don't get back into the whole "gossip and FB stalking" it's time-consuming and time-wasting :)

great job... I hope that you land a job very soon :)!

Tasha said...

Hi facebook friend! I was going to say hi on your wall but you don't have one. I totally understand the need to keep information limited on that site. That's funny that you are "expected" to be on social networking sites by potential employers! I like using it to keep up with people. It's nice to see what my friends are doing and feel connected when people have ended up all over the place.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Tasha - I actually just re-opened my Facebook wall today! :)