So this weekend isn’t looking so good anymore. I definitely jinxed myself by talking to everyone I know about going to the beach with Navy Boy. Here is the deal (I have to tell the story so I can stop fuming about it in my head): My sis and The Dentist (her boyfriend and Navy Boy’s best friend) are going down to The Dentist’s beach house this weekend. Well, as it turns out, his parents are also going down. That means there would be two couches available – one for me and one for Navy Boy. However, I’ve never met The Dentist’s parents and I’m 100% sure that would make for a super awkward weekend. My friend that I usually stay with has graduated from a college there and moved away so I am left with no place to rest my head at night.

All of a sudden what promised to be a great weekend turned into a shitty weekend. Most of my friends here in town will be gone too! Making weekend plans really stresses me out. Especially since this will be the only weekend Navy Boy is in town! Everything would be fine if my sis and The Dentist would be willing to just stay up here this weekend instead of going to the beach. SIGH.

OK now that I have ranted about that, I just have to wait for Navy Boy to call so we can figure all of this out. I’ll keep you posted.

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