Sarah Goes To Alabama

I'M GOING TO VISIT DRU!!! He booked the flight and sent me the itinerary last night! I can't believe it! I am baffled by the fact that someone would spend so much money just to put me on a flight for a weekend visit! I'm flattered of course, but now I feel indebted to him. Oh well, he wouldn't have done it unless he wanted to, right? I mean I, in no way, asked him to get me on a plane. BUT I'M SO EXCITED!

After sending me the information, he called last night and we talked for a little while. I think I may have convinced him that I'm not a dumb blonde a little bit last night, because we actually had a fun conversation. He told me what the plans were for next weekend: my flight gets in around 4:30 then I think we are going to head down to Auburn for the night and either stay at their lake house (which is like 30 mins from the school) or stay with a friend. The next day we are going to the Auburn/LSU game! It's one of ESPN's game day games and should be out of this world. I'm psyched. It is also my first-ever SEC game, which are apparently wayyy better than ACC games - according to Dru. Then we will probably stay in Auburn that night too. Then I come home Sunday night. It's a short, but sweet trip and I couldn't be more excited and NERVOUS.

Auburn's colors are blue and orange. Yuck. There is no way you can put those colors together and actually look good. Well...maybe, but it is going to take some work. I'm thinking a blue dress with orange accessories. OR I have this orange dress, but it is silk and probably too dressy for a football game...oh the choices.

Another dilemma I'm facing is the packing situation. I have never just used a carry-on, I always check luggage (which I won't be doing because checking luggage for a weekend trip just makes me look stupid). This is troublesome because:

1. I'm a HEAVY packer (especially when I'm going to new places - a girl's got to be prepared, right?)

2. This whole put-your-liquids-under-3oz-in-a-bag thing really chaps my ass. I have certain items that go in certain bags, and putting them in a giant freezer bag just doesn't suit me.

3. I do not want to carry a bag around. Especially since I have to change planes.

4. I WILL NOT use a roller carry-on bag. Geeky.

5. (This one may or may not qualify as troublesome) I found a Jessica Simpson bag at our local department store named specifically, "The Weekender" which I now HAVE TO HAVE. It is $142...money I know I should not spend. But what other bag am I supposed to use and still look cute when Dru picks me up at the airport?

Soo I am completely nervous and the trip is still 8 days away. Good thing I have plenty of time to prepare. If y'all see any blue or orange clothes while you are browsing around let me know...I'm on the look-out.

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for the great advice. It really helps hearing back from everyone and it's good to know I can turn to y'all when my traditional in-person friends aren't enough (that sounds harsh but I mean it in a nice way). I have decided to let Ed know that he is welcome at our apartment, but that it is strictly platonic. I am going to explain that things with Dru are kind of developing and I don't want to do anything that he wouldn't approve of (even though we aren't technically dating). I'm pretty sure Ed will be alright with everything, considering we really haven't been talking much at all in the past couple of weeks.

I am so excited to see how things develop in Alabama! I am so nervous for the day to come, but at the same time I wish it were here already!

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Dana said...

soooo love that bag.. ity is soooo cute!

I'm happy ur going to see Dru!