More details about my wonderful trip...

Since the last post was so long I decided to break it up a bit. I still have more things to tell everyone about the trip. And, of course, what would a Sarah Elizabeth blog-post be without asking for some advice?

Well you all know how much fun I had if you read the first post. Some other things that I liked about being there was the fact that his brother is just so funny. He is goofy and cracks me up all the time. I'm going to try to set him up with roomie. But I'm pretty sure that won't go anywhere...it doesn't hurt to try though.

Mac, the guy we stayed with who was so nice to me the whole time? Well Friday night he found out that his girlfriend of 3 years cheated on him back in the spring. He was so sad. I felt so bad for him. I guess that isn't really important to the description of my trip, but I just had to mention it. He is such a great guy.

Here is the clincher, the most important part of me continuing to write...

Every time Dru gets drunk he tells me he loves me and asks me to marry him (as I have told you before). One night this past weekend he kept telling me he loves me. This was the night that I hadn't drank that much. So here he is professing his love to me, telling me he is falling for me...and all I can do is say, "Well good." I want to fall in love with him, but let's be real people; I just haven't known him long enough. At one point he asked me if I love him, and I said yes because I knew that's what he wanted to hear.

So the point is: I'm sure he doesn't remember because I had to remind him of everything else that happened that night and I didn't bring up the love-fest. So was this just drunk babble, or does he really have pretty strong feelings for me?

Also that night I'm 99% positive we had the boyfriend/girlfriend talk. I remember him asking if I wanted that title, me saying yes and asking if he wanted it too, and saying yes. So again, drunk babble?

What I'm really getting at is how do I approach the question, "What are we?"

Oh and today is his 25th birthday! I didn't send him anything...but hopefully a good phone call will suffice. Maybe if he does really have feelings for me and we talk about it that will be gift enough.

Advice please!?


well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

oookay ADVICE: clearly you know he really likes you, so if i were you, i'd hold off on the asking "what are we" for a teensy bit. it can scare some boys ;) and as long as you two are happy together, what difference is the title going to make right now?

hope your talk goes great tonight!! and maybe a gf/bf title will come outta it! but either way, glad to see you happy with him!


Elisabeth said...

I agree with the comment above; play it cool as you don't want to freak him out, but continue to enjoy the time together :-)