Car Troubles

I'm currently sitting in the smelly waiting area of a car care shop.
All I want is a giant cold coke to help me get over the massive
hangover I have from a random Tuesday night outing. Yes there is a
coke machine right in front of me with an "out of order sign" just
teasing me. They should really have that fixed.

Said night of drinking resulted in me missing a quiz that I had
already rescheduled once. The prof isn't letting me take it now that I
have missed it for a second time. Shit. I also missed 3 of my 4
classes today. I'm not happy about my day so far.

Last night was somewhat comical though because this frat dude at the
bar tried to have me kicked out because I got served before him. He
proceeded to tell me he was going to have me kicked out for being
underage as well. I'm pretty sure I was one of 5 people there that is
actually 21. He himself didn't look a day over 18. Eh. Oh well,
youngins.haha. After that episode I decided it was time to leave. I
get in a taxi to head home, get there and realized I had left my keys
with a dude that lives right near the bar I was at. I spent $40 just
going back and forth because I was stupid enough to forget my keys. I
sacrificed quite a bit to go to a bar full of people I didn't like. I
won't make that mistake again.

I also discovered that my safety inspection on my car expired last
month so there goes more cash.

Let's hope tomorrow is better. You know what? I'm sure it will be
better because I'll be at work and get to read all of yalls wonderful


Dana said...

i hate smelly car waiting areas.. i got my oil changed last week - so i know what you mean..

I hope tomorrow is a better day... (for both of us)

thegoodnamesaretaken said...

They better fix that Coke machine ASAP! ;)

Sorry to hear about the bad day but I hope you're feeling better now.

well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

i hate forgetting things at bars.
i forgot my purse at the bar a few weeks ago.. the bartender had stashed it behind the bar for me.
i taxi'd home, and then realized i left it there - after i had washed my face and changed into my pajamas.
so yes, i taxi'd back, walked into the club wearing jammies and glasses, sans makeup.
good thing i was really drunk or that would have been super embarrassing..