Longest Post in the History of Posts

My weekend was wonderful! I couldn't have asked for more! Here is the play-by-play:


Got to the airport in plenty of time. Once in Atlanta, I started to get nervous, even though I had a 3 hour lay-over. With about an hour left until we boarded the plane for Birmingham, I hit up the closest bar around. After a disgusting chicken cesar salad (I don't think it was actually chicken), I proceeded to have 3 vodka drinks. I'm pretty sure everyone thought I was going to be drunk. Well I was but did a great job of hiding it.

On the plane I was so anxious. And completely lucky that the man next to me talked the whole time. I wouldn't have made it through the flight without hyperventilating if I didn't have someone to keep my mind off of the upcoming visit. When I got off of the plane I had a text waiting for me from Dru, which made me smile. Before texting him back I HAD to talk to the roomie. She has an uncanny way of getting me to calm down. I ducked into the bathroom and it hit me like brick wall. What if I don't get along with his friends? What if I don't like his lifestyle? What if I find out things that I just can not stand about him? Let's just say I was having quite the little panic attack. I was scared by all of these emotions because I normally don't ever react this way to any situation.

After a few minutes of the roomie consoling me, I finally braved the pick-up. Dru was already at the airport when I called him; he came right up, hugged me and grabbed my bag. Suddenly everything was alright. I wasn't anxious or nervous anymore. I will admit, conversation was a little forced at the beginning, but got better as I became more and more comfortable. He showed me the hospital his company is building, and then we went to his house. Yes, HIS house. He has a mortgage and everything (something unheard of in my world of apartment and college-housing rentals).

His house has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen, living room, sun room and backyard. I was surprised at how well he had decorated. In the living room there were floor-to-ceiling maroon panel window coverings, comfy but classic furniture and a big flat screen TV. The house has a very woodsy-hunter feel, but isn't too dark. I was amazed at how well he was able to make it seem light but dark at the same time. The kitchen is great. Stainless steel appliances, gas stove, and giant mahogany dinner table. Through the kitchen is a little sitting area that leads into his room. Which is a good size, with a king size bed, large desk and master bath. The other two rooms were smaller, but decorated similarly to his (occupied by his brother and a friend from college).

Dru, his Bro and I stayed around the house watching the Ryder Cup for an hour, waiting for the other roommate to get back. When he did we got in Dru's truck and headed for Auburn. The drive was longer than I expected, but fun none the less. He pointed out things here and there for me to see, and I got along with the friend as well. Once arriving in Auburn we went to meet up with some friends at a local restaurant. I immediately met a guy I'm going to call Mac. He was so nice to me. I felt like I had known him for years within the first couple of minutes. So far, I was completely surprised at how welcoming and nice all of Dru's friends were...and it only got better with each person I met.

We went out to the bars in Auburn that night. Everywhere was packed solid. I literally had to push people out of the way to get anywhere. Of course, Dru knew everyone. I think I met/shook hands with more people that night than I have in my entire life. It seemed like we couldn't take a single step without someone calling out his name.

Remember I told you his family has endless amounts of money? Well I will refrain from divulging too much information, but let me just say they are probably the wealthiest family in Alabama and I don't think he knows that I am aware of that. At the end of the night this conversation took place:

Me: Wow you are really popular.
Dru: Everyone just wants to work for my family.
Me: Why?
Dru: I'll tell you in a few months.

This conversation made me smile for two reasons:

1. I want him to know that I like him for more than just his money. So, I am happy he thinks I don't know.

2. He thinks we will be together/hanging out in a few months!

That was my first night. I could go on and on about details and funny stories, but this post is already contending for longest post ever...so I'm going to move on to the next day.


We woke up pretty early, considering how late we stayed out the night before. I got ready while the boys got everything ready to take tailgating. We get out to start tailgating around 10:30 AM. The first people I meet? Family. We immediately run into his aunt? I think? And her husband, son, son's friend, daughters, etc. I had no idea about most of the things they were talking about so I just tried to smile the whole time, hoping that would get me out of having to actually participate in the conversation.

After some more awkward meetings with some of his friend's parents, we finally made it to the tailgate with all of his friends, and most of the people I had met the previous night. I felt pretty comfortable here because I hung out a lot with the Bro and Mac. Everyone I had met the night before was just as nice and remembered my name. I didn't start drinking until pretty late because I didn't want to be the crazy drunk girl. I actually managed to stay pretty sober the whole evening, which is unheard of me.

The tailgate was so much fun and Dru and I actually acted like a couple some times. I think most of his friends were as confused as I am, as to what status we actually hold. Most of the girls I met were engaged, which made me a slight bit jealous. But I felt like it also made them friendly. There is something about that commitment that can turn even the bitchiest bitch into a complete angel.

As we start to make our way to the game, I can tell Dru is drunk. We get in, and he needs to go to the bathroom. So I wait. And wait. I have no idea what is taking so long, but I am pretty sure he saw some people that he knew and stopped for a chat. Still not in our seats, and me waiting, I decide to go to the bathroom while I wait. Bad idea. We get lost from each other, and when we finally find one another he is ready to go home. Keep in mind the game hasn't even started yet and we haven't even made it to our seats. By the looks of him, red eyes and sweaty, I figured I should probably give in and go home with him.

We start walking. I know the stadium isn't far from where we are staying, but it takes a good 2 hours to get home...what, normally, would be a 20 minute walk. Dru's drunk-self is irrational and less considerate than his normal-self. This is somewhat off-putting, but I'm under the impression he doesn't get that way very much. And it isn't so bad I can't handle it. I'm sure if we keep hanging out he will get a taste of his own medicine from me anyways.


Since we went to bed at, oh I'd say 10:30 PM, we woke up at like 8AM. I got ready; we packed our things, said our goodbyes and headed back for Birmingham. We got back with a few hours to spare until I had to be at the airport. This is going to sound sappy and cheesy, but we fell asleep in each other's arms watching football. We said our goodbyes at the airport with a long hug and kiss; he honked a tiny bit as he drove off. I was sad to leave. Actually, I really DIDN'T want to leave. But I did, and I'm home, and all I want is to go back.

So that is the tale of my weekend get-away. There are so many other things I want to tell all of you about my trip, but this post is seriously going to be a contestant for longest-blog-post-ever. I'm considering sending it in to Ripley's. Stay tuned for my thoughts and feelings, and some other interesting developments from the trip. And when I say stay tuned, that probably means I will have another written by the end of the day!

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