Back to Work.

Hi everyone! I still feel so disconnected from the blog world! I went down to Columbia, SC to see NCSU play the USC this weekend. It was so much fun! My friends and I met up with some people I met at a wedding earlier this summer. And I have a confession, I like this boy.

I haven't mentioned him before, because well, I don't really know him. Here is the story: I went to a wedding back in the middle of July for the son of one of my mom's college friends. We used to vacation with the family when we were young, too. At the wedding I met one of the groomsmen we will call Dru. He is from the deep south and a true southern gentleman. He says, "Yes ma'am" to me and holds doors, carries luggage, the whole 9 yards.

I didn't get to spend that much time with Dru when we first met, but we arranged to meet up again for this game last week. I was so excited to see him. We hung out all night and had a great time. I won't give the details, but I had such a good night. He is 4 years older than me and lives about 8 hours away. What is with me and falling for guys who live out of the state?

So anyways, I really really like him and want to spend more time with him, but it just seems impossible right now. Ugh. Also, Ed is coming in like 3 weeks and I have kind of lost interest in him. I feel really bad, but I don't know how to change my feelings. And here is some more fuel for the fire: Gary (ex-boyfriend) and the girl I told you about have broken up. Gary is back on the market, fresh from a break-up and living in my very town. This sounds dangerous. I'm going to have to play my cards right for the next few months...this is my future we are talking about here.

As you know, school is back in and although I like it because it means I don't have to be at work 40 hours a week, it also means studying and case reports and all of that garbage. I have a lot to do tonight just because I'm not used to planning ahead! Overwhelming. Work is different too because I am not here as much. I can feel the need for me to be really productive while I'm here, but I am being asked to do things I have never done/don't know how to do. I am fine with this because I always want to learn, but sometimes it seems like my bosses aren't willing to take the time to teach me how to do things effectively. Oh well...I don't want to complain anymore.

I just finished reading Stephanie Meyer's Twilight and it is SO GOOD. I thought to myself, "I don't like fake stories, especially vampire stuff" but I promise you have to read it. I am on New Moon, the second of the series, and I love it too. I can't put it down - even when I should.

I have some funny stories from my trip down to South Carolina, but don't have time to share them today. Check back tomorrow - I might have some extra time in between classes to give the update!


J said...

I just finished Twilight as well and loved it!

Dana said...

i'm gonna check out that book!!

HG said...

"yes, it's about vampires, but it's not weird. oh yeah, there are werewolves too. and it's a love story. but i promise it's not weird. wait, where are you going?? IT'S NOT WEIRD AND I'M NOT WEIRD FOR LOVING IT, OKAY?!?!?!!?"

...welcome to my world.

ps- i love a good southern man. :)