I was a little selfish earlier today, not even commenting in my first post what a significant day it is in American history. As I am sure is true with everyone else, I remember this day 7 years ago vividly:

I was a freshman in high school. At 10:00 each day we had "break." During this particular break we were supposed to go to our adviser's room. My school was very small, I graduated with 18 people. So everyone knows everyone. Most of my classmates were gathered in the designated room, but some were missing. In my juvenile mind all I could think was, "Let's get this meeting over with so I can go have my break."

As I burst into the library, where the only television was, I see about 6 people crowded around watching the news. I find my classmates, tell them in a not-so-friendly manner that they need to stop watching TV and get to the adviser's room so we can get the meeting over with. Little did I know they were watching the events of a terrorist attack unfold. I deeply regret my selfishness and the rude language I used that day, oblivious to what was going on.

Our advisor then filled us in on what was happening in New York, Washington DC and eventually Pennsylvania. I was crushed. I immediately thought of all of my loved ones and who among them could possibly be in the area.

First, my mom, she travels often for her job. I knew she was going to New England this particular week, but could not remember where exactly she said she was going. With fear that her trip was to one of these unfortunate cities I burst out of the room running down the hall (the only hall in the whole school). I crashed into my sister as she came running out of a classroom for me. Once we rush to the office and try to get a hold of my mom, it takes a few tries. No answer. Finally the receptionist gets her on the line and we are reassured she is alright.

Next, my aunt and uncle. My uncle had, at the time, a high profile government job. I will refrain from saying what it was specifically, but it required him to be in Washington DC a lot. I didn't know their phone number and spent most of the day worrying about their whereabouts. My dad was finally able to get a hold of them and reassure me they were in California, thankfully the other side of the country. The last of my relatives likely to be in these cities were confirmed to be away from danger.

School was let out early, tennis and soccer games cancelled. I went home and sat with my sister and ate boiled cookies (which are delicious and I'll try to remember to post the recipe soon). I cried and cried for the people and families of those who were lost. I cried for my classmates who lost friends and loved ones, and was thankful that I was not among them. I took it pretty hard considering I was lucky enough to not be involved. I still think about the lives lost and lives saved on that day. Each time I eat boiled cookies I am reminded of that day, I pray for the families and hope that one day we will live without the constant fear of terrorism in our world.


Thomas said...

I remember walking to my car to get some paperwork that I had forgotten. I was so mad about the attacks on our country that I kicked a Coke can that someone had dropped in the parking lot. I kicked it straight into someone's car, so hard that it set off these car's alarm. I ran away before anyone saw what I did.

We could always blame the usual suspect - a truant student.

Virginia said...

I remember that I was a junior in high school and our school let out early also. I commented to one of my co-workers that I felt it was a shame that even the local papers had no comment of 9/11. We can never forget!
I am new to the blogging world; great blog!

HG said...

you were involved. we all were, whether we knew someone whose life was lost or not. good post. it's hard to remember that significant day now when it seems so long ago.

Elisabeth said...

Wow; it's amazing that even after all this time the memories are still so fresh.

Anonymous said...


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