I Need Your Help!

Ok, so as of this morning, nothing was going on in my life. That has changed. At 2 PM today, I had a preliminary phone interview. I'm going to try to outline most of the points and I really want to hear back from y'all and get some outside advice. Please please please!

Here goes...this job would be another internship that pays the same amount as my current internship. Except it is in Orlando, Florida. My parents have said they will be able to help me out financially, but I would still need to live pretty basic. It is a marketing internship with a prominent new hotel opening in the fall, but would be giving me more sales experience and not as much creative marketing experience as I had hoped. One big downside is that I would have to find a roommate and place to live. Also? If I get the job, I would need to start ASAP...meaning in 3-4 weeks. This is a problem because I will basically be paying rent for 2 apartments for a month.

As for the interview this afternoon, things went pretty well. I could have done better though. It is like I prepare for a few questions, but not the ones they ask. It's so frustrating because I get tongue-tied and wind up saying "uhhhhhh" the whole time. Anyways, when I wasn't saying "uhhh", I was busy trying to BS my answers. If only they could give me a heads up on which questions they will ask...like they do for the celebrities on talk shows!

Well at the end of the conversation, the guy tells me that I really need to research how hotels do most of their business. Meaning, how they market to big companies and associations to get them to bring their business meetings to this specific hotel. How in the world am I supposed to RESEARCH this?! 

So I beg of you...any and all advice! Do you think I should take the job (if it is even offered)? Do you know anything about hotel marketing or anyone you think I could learn from/read about? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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