Graduation Countdown

It is officially 7 days away now. But I feel like that doesn't even matter. I had my last exams Thursday, so I am actually done with college. It felt really weird. Bittersweet is definitely the perfect term for the situation. Bitter because it means I have to be a real adult now and can't use the 'oh I'm a college student' excuse. And sweet because that means NO MORE TESTS AND GROUP PROJECTS!

Some things I will strangely (or not so strangely) miss about college:

  • The Library - although the reason for going there always sucks, once I get there it is like a little adventure. Me and my friends always become giddy...throwing paper and whispering. Also, at my library coffee shop, they serve these things called Tiger Brownies. They are TO DIE FOR. I need to find a recipe, but it is like chocolate chip cookie and brownie in alternating columns on top of a coconut crust. I'm salivating just thinking about it.
  • The parties, duh.
  • The extremely HOT boy in most of my business classes.

Some things I will NOT miss about college:

  • The school work, duh.
  • The hideous smell of manure when they put new soil all over campus twice a year.
  • Trying to look busy as you walk to class to avoid talking to random acquaintances.

I found a graduation dress this past week. It is Lilly Pulitzer, and even though I said I was disappointed with her collection, I must say that this dress is not on her website (and I can't find a picture of it anywhere). But I'll keep looking and post it as soon as I have something. In the meantime, this weak description will have to do: pink and white design, with white boat neck collar and a key hole near the collar in the front and back.


angelsroy33 said...

The dress sounds really nice,(I love boatnecks,) and L.Pulitzer does some great clothes.(We have a store on Las Olas we go to during the Art Fest. here)and thats when she has the big sales. Anyways,...yeah,...done with college is a major step, so don't think you can adjust in a few days. No way. Just make it like you are on your next adventure, only you are looking for it. Believe me, you don't have to be that adult right outta college. Just think of what a great accomplishment it is, because IT IS. (I wish I had gone. I still might at the ripe ole age of 44.) Just remember too, to always keep your mind open, and you never stop learning!

kk said...


such a big accomplishment!

good luck with the job search!