Ladies: BEWARE!

I was walking down a side street to my car from class this evening. It is a fairly populated street so I generally feel safe. But today something odd happened. I see a small green car coming towards me slowly. It wasn't a good car...like an old green P.O.S. The guy has his window down and leans out. He isn't dressed nice and well...looks like a Hispanic thug to put it frankly. The back of the driver's seat was leaned back too - wayyy back. So I thought well, it is still light out so I'll just hear what he has to say (thinking he was going to ask for directions or something). Instead he asks, "Do you know of anyone that needs a lawyer right now?" To which I of course say no and then he tries to hand me what looks like his business card. I said no thanks and didn't get anywhere near his car. 

I always get all of these emails about how women are abducted and this guy just didn't seem right. There was no way in hell I was going to actually refer HIM as a lawyer. I don't believe he was actually a lawyer but if he really wanted to convince some people he could have tried a little harder. 

I'm proud of myself for not taking the card from him because he could have attacked me in some way. So I just wanted to tell all the ladies to beware. These jackasses are getting crafty.

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Tasha said...

That is really creepy! Good for you for avoiding that guy! Thanks for posting this as a warning!