I'm a freaking terrible blogger. I suck. I keep saying I'm going to get better, but I don't. There is nothing going on in my life that I think to blog about. Someone at my work just got laid off and I have no idea if I'm going to be next. I hope not because the extra drinking money each month really has enhanced my college experience.

Speaking of college, I have a test this week and 2 or 3 next week. I will be scarce once again. After next week will be spring break so I'll have time and topics to discuss. I'm going to visit family in Oklahoma and apparently they are scheming to set me up with a soccer player...we'll see how that goes. My family is known for putting people in awkward situations.

No other news on the boy front. Things are pretty boring around here. Hope all is well and I'm not loosing too many readers to my sucky-ness.


Tasha said...

Hope things go well with your job! Have fun in Oklahoma on Spring Break! Just curious- which cities are you planning to visit? There are so many yummy restaurants I miss from Oklahoma!

angelsroy33 said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you w/ your job. Try to have fun in Oklahoma,....have you heard of Norman,OK? and is it nice there? AND,...I will always be a faithfull reader,~don't you worry.