As I have mentioned, I've been Facebook free for about 3+ months now. Today I was creating an email campaign for my company and my boss asked me to send it out to a bunch of my friends too. Well the easiest way to get a bunch of email addresses that I don't have stored is Facebook. So I activated my account again and was looking people up when all of a sudden the stalkerish tendencies we all get on Facebook overwhelmed me. I went to Dru's page and noticed a bunch of new pictures posted. They are of him, his brother, another guy and three girls (hunting pictures). There are a ton of him and one particular girl. The two of them look alike, so at first I thought they were related...until I got to a picture that clearly indicated they are NOT related. 

It relieves me to know the split (if you can call it that) wasn't because of something I did, but because he found someone that suited him better. I have mixed emotions about it all. This is so superficial and conceited (please don't judge - I realize how shallow I'm about to sound), but she is wayyyy less cute than me. And there was even a picture of her with deer guts all over her! And when I think about it, I would be super jealous if she was cuter than me, but it makes me mad to know that my looks didn't pull through on this one (still shallow - I know). I will even go as deep as to say it is an insult to my personality. But roommie was super-smart enough to point out that if he was looking for someone to clean his deer for him, then he was totally barking up the wrong tree with me. I don't do that shit. Nor do I ever want to.

One of the biggest things that upset me when I first lost touch with Dru was the fact that I thought he was the 'perfect' guy. I'd never had a boyfriend like that, and frankly didn't think they existed. I was pissed that I let that go, but now I realize that I should be happy to have experienced it at all. Had Dru not treated me that way, I still wouldn't know what it feels like to have hope for the lesser sex (HA...still a little bitter). But seriously, I just had an epiphany and honestly do appreciate having him in my life, even for such a short time.

I'm on to find another Dru...who isn't so keen on killing animals.

PS - I'm super behind on my reader. School is kicking my ass and I'm actually doing work at work! Imagine that...But I promise I'll be back commenting soon!


Kali said...

I could never go out with someone who shoots creatures for fun. I just think its barbaric.. (Yeah I'm a softie)! I know exactly how you feel about the ex and the not-as-cute-as-you girl. I'm in the same place. Ugh its annoying isn't it?

Anyway I'm on the Green Team with you for Biggest Loser! And I'm 5'1 too! Go shorties!


Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

Eww deer guts are not sexy. Now they can go butcher animals together.