Get into Shape

The summer is approaching quickly, and since I have no idea if I will be employed, I need to be bathing suit ready in case I'm not and have to spend a bunch of time at the beach to pass the time. So I'm doing the 20 SB Biggest Loser thing like I mentioned, and the Jillian stuff AND I got this cool new app. for my iPhone. If you have an iPhone, you totally have to get it. It is called Nike Training.

You don't have to have an iPhone to reap the benefits though. Basically, you go online (Nike Women) and create a profile. You even get to make a little dudette and tell them what your focus is (cardio/core/strength) and how many times you will work out a week. Then it becomes kind of a competition. You can invite friends and there is a leader board and everything. It also gives you specific workouts to do each day and tracks your progress.

So if anyone wants to join me, post a comment here letting me know and I'll invite you to my competition! It will be a fun way to get into shape and support each other while we do so!

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Tasha said...

Sounds like a very cool training plan! If I had an iPhone I would totally get this.