Things to do before I'm 30

I watched a Scrubs* episode yesterday where J.D. turns 30. He and Turk had made lists of things they wanted to do before they both turned the big three-oh. Turk had accomplished many of his such as: get married, have kids, etc. J.D. hadn't completed a single thing from his list. Still single, in the process of finding a new home, etc. J.D. decides the only thing on his list he can accomplish before his 30th birthday (which happened to be the next day) was to complete a triathlon. To make a long, funny, story short, he winds up completing the race - thanks greatly to Elliott.

I started to make a bucket-list a few months ago, but that seemed too daunting and unrealistic. I would rather make a bucket-list closer to the time I think I will die (as morbid as that sounds). So I liked the idea of making a list of goals before I reach 30 (which will be in 9.5 years). Here it goes:
  1. Get married
  2. Have at least 2 children (yeah I know that seems really soon - I want to be a young mom though!)
  3. Run a half-marathon
  4. Skydive
  5. Go camping (I've never been!)
  6. Better understand religion/adopt a denomination
  7. Go to Greece
  8. Become dedicated to and participate regularly in a good cause...Susan G. Komen?
  9. Obtain my MBA
  10. Dine in the dark
What are some of your goals for the next 10 or so years?

*Scrubs is THE BEST SHOW EVER. I recently got into watching it a few months ago. They play reruns on Comedy Central and TV Land. It is incredibly funny. Their last season finished shooting at the beginning of the summer I think, but won't air until "mid-season" (whenever that is) this year. The show used to be on NBC but will now be airing new episodes on ABC - the best network ever. If anyone knows exactly when new ones will air let me know - I'll try to keep you posted as well.


well-intentioned heartbreaker said...

ah, i'm so with you on running the half marathon.
if we lived closer, i'd totally vote for us to do it together =)

howitstarts said...

I've been working on one of these lists myself although I haven't finished it yet. I'd love to go to Greece and run a marathon, for starters :)