Major Life Change

Hey kiddos. Long time, no see. Since I’ve been so MIA from the blog world, I’ve made a huge life decision…I’m going back to school. To be a nurse.

First off, I’ve always had an interest in medicine. I’ve always known I don’t have the drive to become a full-fledged doctor, and I used to be an all or nothing kind of girl. So when deciding on a major in college, I ruled out any medical career and instead chose the safe route: telling myself that with a business degree I would have so many more options; surely there would be ONE I would be passionate about. WRONG.

After 2 years in the business world, and one bachelor’s in business administration later, I have finally decided I detest everything about the business world: the lies, having to be so professional you can’t crack actual jokes, the rigid structure. I stuck around in this field for so long because I was scared of change.

Now it is time for me to kick change in the ass. I’ve done a lot of growing as a person over the past two years, and it is time my professional life reflects my personal life. I want to be passionate about my career. That’s just it - I want a career, not a job. So I explored many possibilities in the medical field such as dental hygiene, etc. Nursing seems to fit my likes, abilities and expectations the best. I’ve talked with family and friends and I’m super excited about it, y’all.

Since I have a business degree, I need to take some more prereq courses before I can apply for nursing school. I have also sent in an application to volunteer at 2 local hospitals. I’ve been sending a cover letter of intent to become a nurse and my resume to doctors’ offices all over the area in need of a front desk person (allows me to use the skills I have while also learning more about the medical field). I’m researching like crazy and really digging my heels in deep. Tonight I have an information session on a CNA training class. I hear super gross things about being a CNA and I understand that they get all of the bitch work, but I need to start somewhere, and if that is the only paying job I can get for the next year or so while I work on my prereqs then that is what I will take. Being a CNA will give me first hand experience with patients and great exposure to the nursing scene.

There are more information sessions for various schools/programs coming up next month, so my goal is to have a set plan by the end of September as to when I expect to be able to apply to nursing school and which degree I will pursue.

Since my life is going in so many different directions right now, I probably will stick to my sporadic posting. As for reading blogs, I just don’t have time anymore and I am SO sorry for that. I truly love reading blogs and keeping in touch with people I have gotten to know, but it isn’t realistic for me right now. I hope you all understand!

If you have any suggestions for my new career path, please do not hesitate to share!


Arielle said...

First, congrats on the decision to go to school! That's super exciting. =) Second, I noticed that you have my old blog (good things come to those who whine) on your blogroll. So if you happen to update anytime soon, please update to my new site (morethanamermaid.blogspot.com). Thank you!! =)

Tasha said...

I'm so excited about all these big for you! Good luck with everything!!!

Claudia Lawrence said...

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