Hey from Oklahoma!

I've been to Arkansas and Oklahoma on this trip to visit my family.
And I must say it has been amazing. My moms side of the family is in
AR and we went there first. My moms sister remarried about 15 years
ago but I haven't connected with or accepted her new husband into the
family (in my eyes) until this trip. I'm so happy to say that I have
finally, 15 years later, I can call him "uncle". It feels great that I
have grown as a person and am now able to learn from him and love him
as a family member. It sounds cheesy-but true!

I am now in Tulsa and I feel like this is my second home. I love my
dads side of the family so much. They are honestly the nicest people I
know. I'm thinking of looking into moving here if my job search keeps
running dry back home...we'll see!

Just another tid bit - I learned how to shoot a gun on this trip. It's
fun. Haha. I'm def getting one if I ever live on my own. But I need
some practice!

Sent from my iPhone. - This explains the short, choppy message and any
spelling mistakes! I'll report more when I get back!